Data lakes are an integral part of the new enterprise landscape. Organizations have become increasingly reliant on the use of such centralized stores for all types of data, structured (relational DBs, tables, …) as well as unstructured (PDFs, images, …). However, the lack of effective retrieval tools for these data lakes are turning them into “swamps” forcing knowledge workers such as analysts and IT professionals to waste more than 30% of their time every day simply trying to retrieve relevant information.

To solve these problems, enterprise search has been an active field of research for over 30 years now, almost as old as computers themselves! It is clear by now that there is no silver bullet. Every search case, every data source, every enterprise needs a customized solution, and a flexible data retrieval solution that can adapt itself to such customizations. HIVE™ has been developed with this exact purpose in mind. It can ingest all sorts of heterogeneous data sources, navigate through data lakes of all sizes and dig through the swamp to get you the information you need.

What makes HIVE™ different from its competitors? Data retrieval solutions are typically served from the cloud, and they choose general-purpose LLMs to create search queries for retrieval. HIVE™ runs completely on-prem, and allows low-cost customization of the LLM for your data!