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Revolutionizing enterprise AI with on-prem LLMs for total data privacy

Small footprint tailor-made models for lowest cost of ownership

Paradigm shift: don’t search, talk to your private internal company data

Real-time data retrieval, embeddings, translation and summarization

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Empower your business with HIVE™: on-prem, locally running AI models, tailor-made for the enterprise.

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HIVE™ Product Features

Ultra-compact quantized neural networks for embedded vision, speech and text processing
Conversational AI

Long FAQ pages are things of the past and chat-based interfaces are the new norm for information access.

Previous generation AI models were only capable of answering questions and casual chat. Our next generation language models in HIVE™ will work with you like a human employee to find what you need, interactively.

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Fast, high-fidelity and customizable NLP models for cloud, mobile and edge platforms
Data Retrieval

Knowledge workers waste more than 30% of their time every week simply trying to retrieve relevant information. HIVE™ helps them dig through the swamp and boosts productivity via QA and summarization based data retrieval.

HIVE™  can ingest all types of text and audio data, from tables, PDFs, images and scanned documents to meeting recordings.

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Data drift detection and online model adaptation for continual learning AI in real-world applications
Real-Time NLP

Our compact and fast networks enable real-time transcription and translation of any language over meeting or call audio, on any platform (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Zoom, ...).

HIVE™ provides on-premises deployment to ensure total privacy and confidentiality of your data while providing state-of-the-art NLP services.

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We are #1 on the Hugging Face Leaderboard

Our models run on cheaper servers (no supercomputers!), requiring less storage space and computation.
Low-Cost Custom Models
Models fine-tuned specifically for your needs! Through small-footprint architectures, we create one-of-a-kind models for your custom enterprise needs and provide them at a very low cost.
Always Up-to-Date
We are committed to always bringing you the state of the art in AI. We update HIVE™ frequently so that you can consistently have the best possible experience and stay ahead of the curve.
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We developed network quantization algorithms, compact network architectures and continual learning tools that fuel fast adaptation of AI solutions to dynamic application environments

"In AI, small is the new big"
— Andrew Ng
Featured in IEEE Spectrum

Sales & Marketing

The insights you need to boost your deals.‍

  • Process both CRM and call/meeting data to cover your sales flows from all angles.
  • Get custom insights via conversational question-answering over your sales records databases
  • Train your sales teams by providing them organized data on previous wins via conversational tutoring
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Process unstructured data and use finance tools with ease.

  • Faster search over unstructured financial and textual data
  • AI-helpdesks for enterprise tools such as SAP Ariba to foster inter-department collaboration without extra overhead
  • Seamless integration with virtual data rooms for M&A deals thanks to on-prem deployment offering total data privacy
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Low-cost custom model training to meet the needs of all healthcare professionals ranging from e-health call center agents to nurses and doctors. Total data privacy via on-prem deployment.

  • Real-time translation for patient interactions
  • Summarization and question-answering for medical reports
  • Embedding based search to access ground truth data
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Core Technologies


Our compact and fast networks enable embedded computer vision, speech and NLP applications. Our technology offers:

  • 800x smaller GPT-3 alternatives for text processing
  • 2.5x accuracy for automatic speech recognition vs. Apple’s iOS ASR
  • Visual person tracking with fast RE-ID and occlusion handling at 30+ FPS
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Our network quantization algorithms provide unprecedented accuracy for even the tiniest embedded chips on the market. Our technology offers:

  • 2x accuracy vs. state-of-the-art solutions (
  • 12x faster person detection than Google’s EfficientDet at the same accuracy
  • Smaller footprint (less than 100 KB)
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Continual Learning

Data drift in dynamic environments leads traditional AI models to lose accuracy over time.

We invented TrainAI Continual Learning technology (TCL) to handle drifts in different environments.

Our tools for automatic detection and mitigation of data drift allows us to keep our models accurate at all times.

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