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GPT-4 Turbo
> The command cat config.yaml | awk NF reads the content of config.yaml and filters out any empty lines, outputting only lines that contain text. It does this by using cat to display the file's content, then piping this output to awk, which uses NF to skip over any lines that don't have fields (i.e., are empty). However, using cat is unnecessary here since awk NF config.yaml would achieve the same result more efficiently by directly processing the file with awk.



Hyperbee Hive
> The command cat config.yaml | awk NF displays the contents of config.yaml, omitting blank lines. It utilizes cat to show the file contents, which awk then processes, removing lines without any text by leveraging NF, a condition in awk that checks for the presence of data in a line. However, directly using awk NF config.yaml is more streamlined, as it accomplishes the same task without needing the cat command.



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